Who is eligible to participate in the contests?

Any person or business with a valid Instagram account is eligible to participate. Perhaps you'd like to drive more traffic to your account, or you are looking to increase sales. Or maybe you'd like to simply increase awareness of your brand. Whatever it is you need to promote, we're here to help you do it in the most effective way possible. Recent changes to Instagram have made it easier than ever for brands to utilize the power of contests to grow their audiences much faster than traditional methods. We work with businesses large and small, those who are established and just starting out, including retailers, entrepreneurs, models, athletes, musicians, artists, medical professionals, beauty experts, bloggers, and everything in between!

Is there a contract?

Absolutely. All participating Instagram accounts will receive a contract electronically from SocialGain.io that can easily be signed online. This contract guarantees your spot in the contest. Participants will also receive a secure invoice that can be paid online via credit card.

When will the contest go live?

This is the best part! First, we'll give you some pointers on what you can do to ensure your Instagram account gets the best possible ROI from the contest. Then we'll give you the details on the launch date. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the massive influx of followers!

How many followers can I expect from the contest?

While we do our best to estimate the number of followers gained, it's impossible to say exactly how many you can expect to receive from the contest, as this organic traffic comes from REAL people instead of bot accounts. Rest assured that we do due diligence on all influencers we partner with to ensure their traffic is authentic and that they have the highest engagement levels in their industry. Assuming an influencer with 10 million followers and a 3% engagement rate, you can expect 300,000 people to interact with your brand - and that's just one contest! We promise you won't find a better deal anywhere else.